To be Beautiful: Transmutation through Bois!

It is said that when a boisman enters a gayelle, he does so with a prayer to become his best self. The four-road junction (traditionally used to create a gayelle/ fighter’s ring) becomes the altar where dance, song and blood are offered up for his transformation/ his transmutation into the golden status of king-hood. The lavways call out challenges; warns against danger; but most importantly, with the help of the drums, it quickens his spirit thereby allowing him to display beauty and create magic.

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"Blood trickled down my head, down my sideburns, near the edge of my eyes, over my lips, down my shoulders, down my right leg eventually creating a sizable puddle on the stage. I looked to my friend and he looked back knowingly, he knew that his gaze was the only thing keeping me conscious. My first thoughts were “I blocked that shot, how did I still get hit?” then “I cyah dead, my wife would kill me”, then “my character was supposed to injure his foot not get a busshead…how could we make this work…” then “I can’t move”. The lights went down and I felt someone hold me from the back so I let go of my bois which was keeping me standing and I let myself fall into the arms of my fellow actors."

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“Rashomon”- A Beautiful Work of Art

On Friday April 8th, I was afforded the opportunity to experience the Department of Creative and Festival Arts' (DCFA) 2016 Student Theatre Production: Rashomon. DCFA is renowned for producing Caribbean based plays, so it was quite interesting to see them take on work originating from outside the region.

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Enter De Gayelle!

"The lessons learnt from the workshop can be summed up in the identification of five principles: ‘Doh (don’t) break the circle’, ‘Doh (don’t) Soca the Lavway’, ‘Doh (don’t) back’, ‘Any Boisman (Stickfighter) could Cut any Boisman’ and ‘Doh (don’t) squeeze your own bamsie (buttocks)’. I believe these concepts could be applied to an individual’s lifestyle as well as in the conceptualization of Caribbean theatre."

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Resource Links

The following are useful links for any theatre practitioner. This list will grow as I discover more and more useful resources. Enjoy! Jouvay Institute by Tony Hall Blocking and Movement by Eric Sean McGiven Drama Resource by David Farmer Traditional Mas Archive by Dylan Paul and Staff Caribbean Drama Online library by  Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Break the Proscenium... Continue Reading →

Benitez Rojo’s introduction to “The Repeating Island.

'Caribbean intellectuals have continuously theorized and given meaning to the experiences and prospects of living in/as a region.' Discussion on Benitez Rojo's introduction to The Repeating Island. Several Caribbean and non-Caribbean intellectuals have established a determined and cognizant effort to redefine the very notion of ‘Caribbeanness’. Benítez-Rojo in the introduction to his book named The... Continue Reading →

Theatre Awards

Caribbean Secondary Schools' Drama Association: Drama Festival 2017 in Antigua and Barbuda The Vaughn M. Walter Award for Best Script: "The Inspector" Received: 2nd December, 2017. Caribbean Secondary Schools' Drama Association: Drama Festival 2017 in Antigua and Barbuda The Eleston Adams Best Directing Award Received: 2nd December, 2017. Caribbean Secondary Schools' Drama Association: Drama Festival... Continue Reading →

Artist Resume: Simeon Chris Moodoo

Hair color:         Black Vocal Range:     Baritone Eye Colour:        Brown Height:                174 cm Weight:                114 lbs DOB:                     18/08/87 Contact information:                  Email:                      THEATRE (DIRECTOR) "THE INSPECTOR" (October 2016 - November 2017) written by Simeon Chris Moodoo and produced by Naparima College while representing The Republic of... Continue Reading →

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