Reviews of Moodoo’s Work

The Inspector (2017) “I was blown away both by the maturity of the theme chosen and the opening image of the play which was striking. In some ways, I was glad that Trinidad and Tobago was first. They set such a high standard for the other territories to follow.” (Dr Yvonne Weekes)

“It was so much more than I was expecting at the secondary school level. It was on par with what you can see in adult and professional theatre. It was a complete piece of theatre that worked on every level.” (Elaine Spires)

“I really enjoyed it. The way it was written, the way the drama was structured was very clever, and it was very well directed.” (Pierre Lemaire) Click here to read the full review

The Inspector (2016) “…a gunshot right in the heart of our country’s moral spirit…To see them engage so thoughtfully with material that contained actual depth and timely relevance was a strong rebuke to the detractors of our nations youth.” ~ (Shazim Khan) Click here to read the full review

Sundar (2015) “Among Sundar’s crew of rum-shop regulars, Simeon Moodoo plays Moonia, a pesky, drunken clown with superb comedic timing.” (Wesley Gibbings) Click here to read the full review

Under the Mango Trees (2014) “[The] production was commendable with very appropriate and creative use of lighting and choreography. The actors had compelling chemistry, the silhouette dancers added drama and intrigue and the touches of Caribbean culture made it relateable to the audience.” ( ) Click here to read the full review 

Freedom Road (2013) “Simeon Moodoo, galvanised the role of Gokool, who retrospectively seems the prototype of the voice of a 101 “Rum till I die” chutney singers.” (Simon Lee) Click here to read the full review


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